Message from the past

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snide I see in a lot of things who take a look
work or yemeni bring down just as the king of one of the causes
of Pfizer’s fill me in a few minutes before cityhood the big boss fun
a pic of you don’t gotta admit balanescu for I’m canadian
fully eighty theme for the optical beef is the market indexes
Dawson with the school vs and then I have to say I’m doing
do it do it every line make it easy and political killers on circus slid off and
Bank and the Asian is F okay fine at coffee
and I’ll be coping surpass and I’m
that Alice the iPhone rising brilliance
yeah by
so yeah and that’s something about you your early beginnings because you
senator acting in that underground scene here and I think in the nineties already
your user after long somewhere veterinarian art is going on with
anything but at work myself
are not hand on the clock back from luckier great dismay Danielle don’t look
Good Morning South Africa
this is the okay with present be a gal dogs iCal hall ticket somewhere like a
and then I’m yessir national TV I’m factor
I’m back this the website that this max normal doc TV de 50
it’s and the chick you guys ever hear it in all this and they’re also going
abroad some more but we gotta go and have a look at your chart
and you guys obviously get inspiration from really creative people
so the microphone it’s be so that vs an a so some acts say
inspirational to of
mad John
guy to this Daniel Johnson that makes you so before San fans
t-shirt in the interview so the first then just when he really looks
plus the company something you know
but use act crazy wives nice guy
number foo hadn’t a guy he’s got a lot of anger
yeah i love it when it hits the stands are is la family days grace final
the many old I love and miss you see killed red/black
took it to another level fact it’s quite he’s also what bracket to go out of town
say it’s just not as cool as you no it’s cool it’s rather
no idiot justice Anna that surrounds us
review the site was this you ninety as saying I just did i just this is whack
he does in my family knows if you do not have a fag
Australia I don’t understand why it dismissed video yet I am
like it’s like it’s Cassie yeah it’s funky yeah
anything is better yes I do smile still the excitable mister Wright fine
I was gonna say anything a second up surface in electrochemistry
yes have a personality an embarrassing
myself Tom much more me this
and that brings us to your number one somebody’s
she’s said out of the box season all the box all the time
the ok yeah it’s a spy but fit said most def
wells will need as the last field
Singh yeah I’m a lover yeah its own styles
of model I people yeah little bit we’re
mom yeah I can follow next level no
vigour give you food for doing it differently 11 saw my theatre from ACL
NC state again seen you so-and-so
of a cough finishing up in the cape flats which is really hard core
and you’re performing at the Grahamstown face the moment which is great comedian
haven’t taken aside this max normal that TV
and then and we were chatting and then make every man you guys did you can
actually do something right here for us right now
divan once never album is Good morning South Africa
you know the city so it if for being home ok and afrikaans that apple
don’t vs I get the custom ago and clay
go take it out horny before cock
gnome in a pinch of when that the mock laugh knock the moon ya fung on doc
buttock on top but kansai Obama
bustle for the zombies back at that ok delivers his lap
Lockard that all that the bike fault not be a more
was going to be huge all film complete the box for the stimulus
gloss on plane took was successful pin use for not give up afoot openness for
non amoo sophomore Steve of my Archos Zuma supports
preceded us take any luck fuck
sheesh the let mister boy
fees he didn’t stop me I’m a misfit think my father’s speak with the bass
I’m sure enough to step lapbook sister on this stuff
keep week me go to your stomach national TV I’ll check a tight-knit level yeah
I’ll and Yeltsin
max normal national Facebook incall masco
I cuts the

captioning for this