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i want to kiss you in farsi

I have read the Dharmapada and I still want to kiss you. remember the blink of an eye when we breathed together? Every time you scream at me I wanna kiss you Only yesterday I swore I would leave but now nothing I want to kiss distance into extinction and steal lines about kissing you […]

Everyone is Jesus in Purgatory

BEGIN:VNOTE VERSION:1.1 BODY;CHARSET=UTF-8;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:Everyone Is Jesus In Purgatory=0D=0A You are beautiful. Hopefully=0D=0Ayou know that.=0D=0A Everyone Is=0D=0ADefriending Mitt Romney. =0D=0A Come in, everyone is here=0D=0Aalready =0D=0A The truth is, everyone is=0D=0Agoing to hurt you=0D=0A Is=0D=0AEveryone Hanging Out Without Me?=0D=0A Everyone is King Lear in=0D=0AHis Own Home=0D=0A DCREATED:20121126T160248 LAST-MODIFIED:20121126T170231 END:VNOTE

Dreaming on a train

An off-hand comment by Steve Roggenbuck on Twitter caused me to ask, in a deflected manner, what flarf poetry was. As helpful as ever, Steve sent back a link to a video he’d made answering this question a year back. HERE I only watched the video once and didn’t take any notes, so I had […]