Stuart Tait has practiced mainly as a collaborative artist since 2000. His main practice has been as part of the collective AAS. AAS has a central group of six artists who administrate the group, but includes other artists who become part of AAS on a project-by-project basis. It is both a collaborative group and a mutating, experimental artwork in its own right. He has also been part of several other less formal collaborations, including with Plastique Fantastique, Parfyme, Henrik Schrat, and Calum F Kerr. He was also part of Reactor, between 2010 and 2013, and audio collectives Samekhmem, Insectoid, and Milgram as well as being a former member of the Zero Point Collaboration, and the Red Line Group. His practice-based Ph.D., ‘Becoming Multiple: Collaboration in Contemporary Art Practice’ (2009), studied historical avant-gardes as varieties of collaborative formation and drew comparison with contemporary practices. The thesis drew on concepts from continental philosophy and sociology to develop the new concept of ‘molecular collaboration’.

He was the Warwick Stafford Fellow for Northumbria University in 2015/16

stuart [at] stuarttait [dot] com