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Message from the past

Yeah p.m. acts normal and on the first set of Quito’s is also full body get it was good credit max yes baby could be dying of the TV via the dusty p.m. often also serpico p a.m. gawky I media does he have come Monday top duchess of two ways to mark and all […]

The Comet

The comet has been in the sky this past month A fire dragging a tail of sparks Across your desktop or mobile device The comet is singing, and it sounds like Predator Music like dirt Signaling the coming of dragons Motes passing outward and falling in Where do the specks of dust come from? This […]

It’s just this forever now

It’s just this forever now. In this booklet, we will call the person who has died the blood Rorshach. Some things can’t be replaced Remember when I woke every day disappointed to be alive? There was a formula: Fuck you, inevitable crash, THIS IS THE MAIN FIRE NOW! While Carolyn hesitates to offer a time […]

What happens when your drone escapes (flarf poem)

Your mother has been telling you not to crack your knuckles your whole life But what happens to your body when you give up sugar or when your drone escapes? See what happens when a company hacks a pepper mill to shut down gadgets at dinnertime. What happens when a star spins too fast? We’re […]

i know how the algorithm works

  i know how the algorithm works (Flarf poem) How do I know if I have had any serious effects from bleach How would I know if I overheated my lawn mower engine enough Tide goes in, tide goes out. Never a miscommunication. You can’t explain that. You can’t explain Your symptoms can tell you […]

Meat Glitch Porn

Wanting to make new, unique, images you have to come out of the internet and make real images with real bodies, but the Tumblr kids and codec glitch smearers want to make real glitch smeared bodies  

Paranoiac-critical News Reading

In the news today, the coalition proposal to have ISPs block internet porn unless you opt in and a story about using stem cell research to help restore blind people’s sight. In the news summary at the top of BBC news the stem cell story was illustrated by one of the mice presumably used in […]

La lah again

I was in the art room during a print making lesson, supporting the hyperactive child, when the teacher waved a box of something past us, I forget what. On the cover of the box was a drawing of a rabbit. The hyperactive child said something like “a rabbit, I like rabbits” and the teacher started […]

i want to kiss you in farsi

I have read the Dharmapada and I still want to kiss you. remember the blink of an eye when we breathed together? Every time you scream at me I wanna kiss you Only yesterday I swore I would leave but now nothing I want to kiss distance into extinction and steal lines about kissing you […]

Everyone is Jesus in Purgatory

BEGIN:VNOTE VERSION:1.1 BODY;CHARSET=UTF-8;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:Everyone Is Jesus In Purgatory=0D=0A You are beautiful. Hopefully=0D=0Ayou know that.=0D=0A Everyone Is=0D=0ADefriending Mitt Romney. =0D=0A Come in, everyone is here=0D=0Aalready =0D=0A The truth is, everyone is=0D=0Agoing to hurt you=0D=0A Is=0D=0AEveryone Hanging Out Without Me?=0D=0A Everyone is King Lear in=0D=0AHis Own Home=0D=0A DCREATED:20121126T160248 LAST-MODIFIED:20121126T170231 END:VNOTE