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Dreaming on a train

An off-hand comment by Steve Roggenbuck on Twitter caused me to ask, in a deflected manner, what flarf poetry was. As helpful as ever, Steve sent back a link to a video he’d made answering this question a year back. HERE I only watched the video once and didn’t take any notes, so I had […]

On the train to Nottingham

I have been reading Michael Harner’s Way of the Shaman, and have tried a few of the exercises, but on the way to Nottingham I decided to listen to Pharaoh Overlord and see if I could ‘journey’ that way. This was my experience: I was drifting through amorphous patterns of light and shade but couldn’t […]


Constanthaus is a proposition for an ongoing artwork to be preformed by a network of artists. All of the artists in the network have to be able to contact each other at short notice in some way; via phone, skype, twitter or whatever. If a member of the network discovers enough materials lying around, they […]

Situationist Aesthetics Conference Reflection

Situationist Aesthetics: The SI Now 8 June 2012. University of Sussex. I attended the Situationist Aesthetics conference as a speaker, and it must have been obvious to anyone who heard my presentation that it didn’t fit in with the consensus. I presented a paper (here) about the Situationist practice of the dérive with particular emphasis […]

Hello world!

I wasn’t sure whether to incorporate the traditional “Hello World!” artefact, or delete it. Obviously, leaving the text “Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!” would be a ridiculous thing to do… I remember the first time I heard about the practice of outputting “hello world” the […]