The Zero Point Group

The final six members of The Zero Point Group were (From back to front) Niki Russell, Daniel Williamson, Ellie Harrison, Ana Benlloch, Stuart Tait, and Matthew Lewis.

The group was formed in June 2006 to start a non-hierarchical art group where all members ‘joined’ at the same point in time, and became a closed group in the sense that no new members could join. Despite the presence of the word ‘zero’ in the name of the group, this was not meant as an attempt at creating something ex-nihilo, but rather there was the specific intention within the group to ‘not manufacture’ any desired outcome toward which the collaboration was orientated, and to explore the question of what working together means in art. The group also reflected upon its own development and relations. There was no obvious structure to the formation of ‘the group’, no organisation as such, but there was a certain structure to ‘the collaboration’ itself that evolved over time. The collaboration was driven by reflection and discussion on the processes of working together, and why and how decisions and changes happened. We had one physical group meeting every 4 – 6 weeks, and an online meeting timetabled for each week that depended significantly on people’s availability. Therefore, the group tended to be a discussion group with a collective desire to develop, but with no set direction of change. It was essentially a collaborative group with no exteriority and was therefore an unusual collaborative model worth exploring.

The group ended sometime in 2012, but opinions among former members differ about at which point the dissolution occurred.