Composition #1 for guitar for Dan Williamson

27 June 2008. Composition #1 for guitar for Dan Williamson.

Performed at the AAS and Ensemble Interakt curated fluxconcert, Re:Flux, by Daniel Williamson.
St. Paul’s Church, St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham.

The event consisted of performances of scores from the Fluxus Performance Workbook and new scores written by artists in the event to be performed by one or more of the other artists. Although the score is a solo work, it obviously becomes a collaboration in its performance. This score can be performed by other people apart from Daniel Williamson.

Composition #1 for guitar for Dan Williamson.
1. An electric guitar is plugged into an amp or PA system, via an effects pedal of some sort.
2. Saw pieces of the guitar off
3. Manipulate the sound during slices
4. The guitar should still be playable to some extent on completion
Stuart Tait. 2007