Over the Road

2 June 2009. Over the Road

Spoken word performance for ‘Whose Line isn’t that Anyone?’ Curated by Calum F Kerr for Resonance FM

Part of the ‘my life stories’ series.

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My new best friend is called Andy King and he lives over the road in the private houses. He’s got Kerplunk and Bionic Man and Ricochet and Subuteo and loads of other stuff which means he is rich really.

One day we were shooting the arrow we found down at the park at his Evel Kneeval stunt bike and his neighbour starts talking at us over the fence…

“When I was a kid I was just an ordinary kid” he said and he said he played cowboys and indians and went to the rodeo which seemed a bit weird for Fareham. So we said we had to go for tea but we went to the cornfield to play best mad dead. Then after that Andy went home and I did too.

Then during Doctor Who a police man came round and me and my brother watched through the kitchen hatch and he said I was in trouble and I got scared but then my dad came in the living room and said our uncle Peter was dead so I laughed but he said it wasn’t a joke. My mum was sat in the kitchen with her glasses off.

I had to go to bed then even though it was early.