The Day Out

5 April 2009. The Day Out

Part of the ‘my life stories’ series.

One time my mummy dressed me and my brother Andy up in some special clothes so we looked nice. Andy normally makes fun of me and that, but that time he was mostly quiet, sept for when he had to go to the toilet which was quite a lot.
We had to sit around a lot and I got shooshed every time I tried to ask things.
Then, when auntie Beryl turned up, we all went and got in this really big car and went really slow down to the corner of our road.
After that we went normal speed but everyone was still really quiet.
Then we went to a big field with lots of rocks in it.
A tall man talked for a bit and I looked at the flowers and held mummy’s hand. They put a big wooden box into a whole in the floor.
We went home then.