i want to kiss you in farsi

I have read the Dharmapada and I still want to kiss you.

remember the blink of an eye when we breathed together?

Every time you scream at me I wanna kiss you
Only yesterday I swore I would leave but now nothing

I want to kiss distance into extinction
and steal lines about kissing you from other people’s poems
I will use the word love like a noun for you
and kiss you through the water-boarding

Are You a Human?
I want to kiss you in situations that make us both awkward
I want to kiss all of your open tabs
i want to kiss you in farsi
I want to make wallpapers of celebrities I see you being all about

Do you remember when we put your flat mate’s bread in the oven?
How about that day you fell out of my window?
Nothing mattered then and nothing matters now

i want to stay up and have ‘the conversation’ with you
I want you to kiss me at midnight on new years eve again

Sometimes I remember there are mountains in the sea