On the train to Nottingham

I have been reading Michael Harner’s Way of the Shaman, and have tried a few of the exercises, but on the way to Nottingham I decided to listen to Pharaoh Overlord and see if I could ‘journey’ that way. This was my experience:

I was drifting through amorphous patterns of light and shade but couldn’t figure out what they were. I couldn’t get them to resolve into anything I understood. I was wondering where my guide was, but then realised I was either inside him or on his back and the amorphous shades were because we were flying through clouds.

I began to notice a kind of pulsing circular shape up and to the right of my vision. it seemed to alternate between looking like a diamond or crystal and a sun or eye with a massive iris that filled my vision. Down to the bottom left of the rim of the iris a blip of intensity kept appearing but I couldn’t make sense of it (looked a bit like a blown pupil). It kept looking like it was going to come closer but would then disappear again. At times the crystal/eye/sun would become more like a series of folds of flesh, folded around a hole that pulsed. I went in and realised I was somewhere in my own body, either my gullet or my intestines (probably throat around the false vocal cords). The small glitch of intensity still kept appearing and seemed unsure if it could trust me. It created a series of shadows I didn’t understand. I said I was leaving, but hoped to meet next time. It made it clear it would reveal itself next time.