2016 I can read to you about cephalopods if you like
Poem composed from recent tweets – Download file

2014 A fierce religion of itself
Keynote presentation for the Occupying Politics in a Time of Alterity workshop. Manchester University, 11-12 November 2014 – Download file

2014 Liminal Rites as Molecular Collaboration (Co-written with Ana Benlloch and Ralph Dorey)
Collaborative presentation for Twice Upon a Time: Magic, Alchemy and the Transubstantiation of the Senses, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, 26 – 27 June, 2014 – Download file

2012 I want to kiss you in Farsi
A ‘flarf’ poem – Download file

2012 Dreaming on a train
A ‘flarf’ poem – Download file 

2012 Molecular Collaboration
Introducing the concept of Molecular Collaboration to an audience with an anarchist perspective.
Presented at A thousand lines of flight– Anarchist Network Conference 3rd-5th September 2012. Loughborough University. Also printed in Sanat Dünyamiz journal – Download file 

2012 Paranoid Disorientation: The Wandering of Ivan Chtcheglov
A discussion of several early Situationist Dérives from the perspective of Ivan Chtcheglov’s mental health and their relevance to contemporary art practice.
Presented at Situationist Aesthetics: The SI Now. 8 June 2012. University of Sussex – Download file

2012 About a Thousand Words on Molecular Collaboration
Short text version of Molecular Collaboration, originally intended for publication in an anthology on collectivity as part of The Congress of The Collectives, October 2 – 21, 2011, Flux Factory, New York City. – Download file

2011 A diagram for co-participation
Essay published in Art & The Public Sphere, Intellect, ISSN 2042793X – Download available at http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/journals/view-Article,id=17501/ 

2011 Reactor Assemblages (co-written with Jonathan Waring)
A conversation between an existing and previous member of Reactor, drawing on DeLanda’s Assemblage Theory, Bergson’s cone diagram, and Goffman’s work on roles. Presented at Virtual Futures 2.0 conference, Warwick University. 19 June 2011. Download file

2011 Schizo-productive Performance Fictions
Presentation about AAS art practice, drawing on Deleuze & Guattari, David Burrows, and John Cussans. Originally presented at A Make Believe World symposium, Chelsea Theatre. 13 November 2011. – Download file

2010 She stood watching him
Poem about domination – Download file

2010 Review ‘The Modes of Al-Ikseer’, Harminder Singh Judge
Art review for performance piece, at the request of the artist. – Download file

2009 Phd Thesis ‘Becoming Multiple: Collaboration in Contemporary Art Practice’
Practice-based research into collaborative art practice, leading to development of the concept of Molecular Collaboration. – Download file

2009 Instar
Poem about silverfish sex – Download file

2008 Review ‘This is the Gallery and the Gallery is Many Things’, Eastside Projects
Review of the inaugural show at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, for a-n magazine – Download file

2008 Re:Flux (co-written with Ana Benlloch)
Text written for the festival publication FLUX-FEST, 2008. Vivid (Ed.), Birmingham – Download file

2008 Proceed to checkout
Fictional piece about self-harm and consumerism – Download file

2007 Review ‘How to Make a Difference’, Freee
Review of the Freee exhibition How to make a difference at International Project Space, Birmingham, for a-n magazine – Download file

2007 Review ‘TV News’, Mark McGowan
Review of the Mark McGowan exhibition TV News at International Project Space, Birmingham, for a-n magazine – Download file

2006 Riding a Wave
Poem in the style of Charles Bukowski (kind of) – Download file

2006 New Knife
Prose poem about a knife  – Download file